Welcome to FIRM MKT & PR

Public Relations/Marketing

FIRM’s Marketing/PR services are simply to raise our clients’ brand awareness, image, and help generate more sales opportunity results. We aim to connect our clients with all valuable resources in their respective fields and offer a wide range of PR styles to make the impressions needed to reach the consumer. Our team thrives on the situations to showcase their creativity in exposing our clients and they achieve this with professionalism and courteousness every step of the way.

Digital/Social Media/ Event Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team at FIRM is also built around a group of social media/SEO specialists that love to work online to get the word out! From events, talent, products and more, our digital marketing team works day and night to connect your initiative with the online community. Utilizing today’s best tools from Google adwords, trends, analyitics, keywords and more, our team creates a perfect formula to maximize your online presence.

Web/Graphic Design

The Firm’s web/graphic team has extensive experience in building websites, designing media kits, flyers and other promotional materials. We provide our clients with high quality branding through visual marketing pieces to help distinguish them from the pack. In today’s society first impressions mean the world, and we aim to always achieve that successfully.